Our Wines

Dry Wines


 This Pinot Noir has aromas of cedar and tobacco with a long rich finish and fine tannins


This dry, red has aromas of fig and cedar with notes of  dark, sweet cherry and sandalwood on the palate


A floral and tropical white wine with a pleasant semi sweet finish

Semi-Sweet Wines

Martha Jane Rosé:

Fruit of the vine, work of Southern hands. This juicy blend of red and white Muscadine is sure to have you whistling Dixie!

Baskins Creek Blanc:

This white wine has modest melon and citrus notes with a pleasant sweet honey finish


A semi-sweet wine made from Loganberries, this berry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  This unique wine has a sweet, tart and lasting finish.

Sweet Wines

Wiley Oakley:

This “Roaming Wine of the Mountains” is a charming combination of Concord grape and Blueberry wine.

Mountain Laurel:

 A Southern tradition made with a variety of Muscadine grapes prized for their rich flavor and aroma.

Cherry – Kee:

This wine is reminiscent of grandma’s cherry pie. Made from 100% cherries, this sweet wine has a tart pleasant finish that will take you back to simpler times!

Blackbeary Peach

A peach wine blended with blackberries… sweet and tart at the same time! Perfect for a picnic in the Park.

Specialty Wines

Autumn’s Path

This semi-sweet wine is a blend of Sunbelt and red Muscat that will be perfect to enjoy while admiring the ever-changing foliage this time of year

Ogle Heritage 

Simple, dry red offering very similar to an Old Vine Zinfandel.  Delicious!

Winter’s Blessing

This spiced cherry port wine is one of our most anticipated released of the year!  The time in the bottle has made subtle changes to the spices and, if anything, has improved the overall quality!

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